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CcMail Homepage
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CcMail Homepage
"True progress is made only when the advantages of a new technology
are within reach of everyone" - Henry F.

CcMail 1.0.2

Lead Programmer:
      • Emanuele Guadagnoli

PhpMailer class:
      • PHPMailer

HTML editor:
      • FCKEditor

      • Crystal SVG by Everaldo

CcMail Translators:
      • Martin Perichon, Slaytanic Wehrmacht, Niko Winckel, Roy Veltman,
      • Asko, Xavier Brochard

Thanks to:
      • Stevel, Jacob, Xavier Brochard and every CcMail user

Report Bugs or Wishes
Software can always be improved, and the CcMail Team is ready to do so. However, you - the user - must tell us when something does not work as expected or could be done better.
If you have a suggestion for improvement then you are welcome to make us know:
Contact the developer!

Join the CcMail Team
You do not have to be a software developer to be a member of the CcMail team. You can join the national teams that translate program interfaces. You can provide graphics, themes, sounds, and improved documentation. You decide!
Contact me if you want to help us!

Help us:
CcMail is available free of charge, but making it is not easy. You may help us with a small donation: click here.
If you like it, let a reference to CcMail's homepage in the signature of your mails.
Another way to help CcMail grow is rating it at
Thank you very much in advance for your support.
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