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\n"); $message = $login_err; sleep(floor((exp($_SESSION['login_attempts'])))-1); $_SESSION['login_attempts']++; require($login_page); exit(); } //if the login is correct then set the cookie so it dies when the browser is closed $alias = $known_as[$user_id]; $cookie_crypt_pass = crypt($upass[$user_id]); $cookie_crypt_uname = crypt($uname[$user_id]); setcookie ("ccalias", $alias, 0); setcookie ("ccuname", $cookie_crypt_uname, 0); setcookie ("ccpass", $cookie_crypt_pass, 0); //Writing Log Access... write_log($data_dir . "/access_log", "$time: $alias logon successfully
\n"); @header("Location: $success_page"); exit(); } KanaSoft KitaMail 1.0 - Administrator Page
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Import Users

You can Import a list of Users or a CcMail backup file.

You should be able to retrieve informations from virtually any plain text file, from a normal list to a CSV.
If your Users are not retrieved successfully, please edit your file in order to match a simple list, and retry.

Import addresses from a generic plain text file (a simple list, a CSV...)
1) Generic text file 

Restore a CcMail Backup file
2) CcMail Backup file 

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