Website Fix for Internet Explorer users

September 12th, 2012

I’ve implemented a fix for our customers still using Internet Explorer, that gets rid of the purple borders around the services images in the front page. It didn’t occur in Firefox, Opera or Safari, and the fix doesn’t have any adverse effects on those browsers that the bug didn’t occur on.

And just what are the few of you doing STILL using IE? It’s non standards compliant, bloated and horrid! Support your favourite repair company, and go get Firefox, or Opera instead, they’re much friendlier and standard :)

There are still errors on our site when using Internet Explorer, but we’re working on it. Microsoft are to blame for not following standards in web browsing, it really isn’t our fault, go use another browser and see the difference if you don’t believe me :)

New Service – Security System Repair

September 11th, 2012

Fixing burglar alarms is something I’ve done for many years for friends and family. Being an electronics engineer I feel it beneficial to introduce it into the company, as I have successfully fixed 99% of the ones I have done, I fully appreciate and understand alarm technology. I can do the following:

  • Burglar alarm control board component level diagnostics and repair
  • Zone wiring troubleshooting (including stuck on Tamper/Attack symptoms) for PIR’s, door/window magnets and impact sensors.
  • Bell box component replacement/diagnostics
  • Complete system upgrade, both to new wired panel or a whole wireless system
  • The sale of accessories such as door/window magnets, PIR’s, batteries, transformers and fuses

We fix all makes of alarms, including ADE Optima panels, and all ADT systems.

The service hasn’t been introduced yet, but I can offer a better service than most other independent alarm specialists, due to us being a repair firm that have such a diverse equipment repair portfolio we can offer repairs, even full system upgrades at extremely competitive prices.

All in the usual friendly competitive, compassionate and dedicated way that is Kitamura, you always come first as our customers :)


We now have two websites to reduce downtime!

April 18th, 2012

We now have two separate domains to reduce the risk of downtime. and now They are both copies of each other, so that if one is down the other one is always accessible. is a machine in our office, so we have full control of its hardware and software, plus it makes it easier for us to update our website being sat at the main server rather than having to FTP it up to, which is a hosted server that we don’t have full control over.

In order for us to redesign the site like we did we needed a dedicated server we could sit at to design it, and this is a perfect solution as all we do is then mirror updated complete copies rather than bits at a time! The forum, downloads area, plus helpdesk and ticketing system are all on our server, and are linked to it from the .com site. This reduces the risk of having two copies of them and both becoming out of sync.

If ever the .net server is down, we’re probably working on its hardware. Normally when we do software maintenance we switch it to Maintenance mode which displays a holding page for any accessed page explaining that we’re working on its software. We will aim to never keep it fully unavailable for more than an hour, or in extreme cases of hardware failure, more than 24 hours.

Website cleanup

February 18th, 2012

I’ve cleaned the website up a bit to make it easier to see, understand and navigate. Our front page has had all the subtext and excessive “Work Guaranteed” logos removed from the service table. All the service information is now in the service pages themselves rather than bulleted lists on the homepage table. It looks a lot cleaner!

Each service page now has colourful captions and images in the header to make it nice to look at instead of black and white text. We’ve added colourful manufacturer logo clusters to illustrate which manufacturers goods we service. The links in the sidebar are now in place, so that links to different service pages are always available no matter where you are on the site, so you don’t have to keep going back to the homepage table all the time!

The navigation bar under the site header now has fixed links to places like our Downloads area, Support forum, Terms and Conditions pages, and over to the right the day and date is always displayed! We were going to add the time but it doesn’t refresh on its own, we need to find some programming wizardry so users don’t need to keep refreshing the page!

Take a look at the refreshed site, it looks much nicer: Tell us what you think by commenting here!

Complete Kitamura Overhaul!

March 18th, 2011

We’ve been getting better over the last two years. Our website has been totally redesigned, we now have an online helpdesk, and several new services have been introduced, such as:

Consumer Electronics Repairs

This was trialled back in 2009, and we have had so much demand, we now do it as a service! This involves repairing things like TV’s, hairdryers, DVD recorders, iPods/MP3 players, camcorders of all types plus much more. I have a lot of electronics background, and as most of our customers will know we actually repair to board level unlike cowboys who just replace whole boards as an easy way round the job and quick money. I am proficient at reading service manuals and schematic diagrams, and have thousands of factory service manuals in a company archive which we use.

Home Appliance repairs

We now fix big home appliances such as fridges, freezers, microwaves, washing machines, washer dryers/tumble dryers, food blenders etc. I’ve worked at a few home appliance repair shops in my time and am good at it, as I’ve had a knack with and a love of mechanical devices since I was a kid, so another service to take us past the competition!

We’ve come a long way since being established in 2006. I’ve always been good at all the services we provide, but have introduced them slowly as the company has grown so we don’t get swamped with too much work, and it has given me time to train staff and extend my qualifications via training courses.

Kitamura Computers has a slight name adjustment!

October 3rd, 2009

We are the only company in the world to be called Kitamura Computers, so we have a very unique name. We’re a unique firm in that we genuinely love customers and do the best for you, in an honest upfront way. Our service to each customer is unique to you and your needs and equipment!

We’ve decided to drop the UK part in our name, so now we’re just known as Kitamura Computers!

I believe a company’s name and corporate logo reflects their professionalism. When you see repair firms with boring names like Laptop Repair Bolton, and they have 1990’s style WordArt text as their logo (which that firm do!) and a boring basic website, you know they aren’t very professional.

We’ve always been upfront and professional from the day the firm was started. Our logo is professional, our website is fluid, user friendly and deeply detailed, and our staff and volunteers sweet, professional, highly trained and caring, so we’re not a boring company at all, and we’re experienced!

Kitamura Payment Policy Update

September 11th, 2009

Having trialled our new 50% deposit scheme, we will now be rolling it out to all customers.

Upon acceptance of a quote, we now require a 50% deposit. If the remaning balance of an accepted quote is then not paid completely upon the job being completed, one of the following will be carried out, as of the Policy:

1. If 5 weeks passes, in line with our Payment Policy, we will dispose of equipment via 2nd user resale, repairing the equipment ourselves before sale into a saleable condition.

or, we will

2. Invoke a £5 a day storage charge, (including weekends) until payment is made.

Signing of Jobsheets enters customers into legal contracts. If we carry out the work, we expect you to pay us the amount on the quote within 5 weeks before equipment is released. If this does not happen within 5 weeks, equipment is disposed of or a £5 a day storage fee incurred, at our choosing. If we feel storage charges will not be paid, we will choose the disposal option.

Our Payment Help Policy still applies. If you arrange with Management to pay the sum over a period of time which both parties agree, and a Payment Agreement is signed, none of the above will happen, you can continue to pay for the work as normal, but it MUST be on the dates and times agreed. Missed payments may incur the above action failing an explanation or contact from you.

Equipment Holding and Disposal update

August 3rd, 2009

We have had to update our T&C’s due to some customers taking advantage of our Payment Policy. The 12 week equipment holding policy has now been reduced to 5. If a repair is completed, a job cancelled or simply no contact from the customer and no payment for fees/repairs are recieved we will dispose of the equipment after 5 weeks. The Jobsheets have been updated to reflect this, and will affect new customers and existing from today.

Your signature on the signature strip of the Jobsheet signifies your acceptance of this, and excludes/indemnifies us from any legal action due to equipment loss. We’re an understanding and caring company, but are not a computer boarding house or hostel, where you can leave your equipment while you sort out finances. It costs us money having to turn work down due to lack of space!

EQUIPMENT WILL NOT BE RELEASED UNTIL PAYMENT OF REPAIRS OR FEES IS MADE IN FULL. This is also outlined on Jobsheets, the staff booking in jobs always make sure customers read the Disclaimer.


Sky News uncovers evil computer firms

July 24th, 2009

Something I saw on Sky News this week shocked me, and angered me at the same time. Sky News did an investigation into what computer technicians do with simple faults.

Computer repair firms entrusted with a ‘faulty’ laptop illegally snooped through a customer’s personal files and one even tried to hack into her bank account. An undercover investigation found technicians stealing passwords, overcharging for basic work and nosing through private pictures of the laptop’s owner in a bikini.

Investigators wired a new laptop with hidden cameras and spy software that operated without the engineers’ knowledge. They loosened a memory stick, and took it to several companies. The laptop had been given an easily identifiable fault: a loose memory chip that stopped the computer from starting.

To get it working, the chip simply needed to be popped back into position.

The investigators from Sky News took the computer to six repair shops in London.

The most serious offender was Laptop Revival in Hammersmith, West London.

Shortly after identifying the real fault, the firm’s engineer called to say the computer needed a new motherboard, costing £130. The surveillance software then recorded a technician browsing through the files on the hard drive, including intimate holiday photos, some showing the Sky researcher in her bikini. As the technician snooped through the files, he was filmed grinning and showing the pictures to another colleague. Later in the same shop, a second technician loaded up the machine to look through the photos  –  stored inside a folder marked ‘private’.

Laughing, the repairman loaded the pictures onto a memory stick he kept round his neck  –  which the software found was also packed with similar photos in a folder labelled ‘Mamma Jammas’  –  street slang for women with large breasts. He also copied a file containing passwords for Facebook, Hotmail, eBay and a NatWest bank account.

Once the technician had discovered this information, he opened a web browser on the laptop and attempted to log into the bank account for five minutes  –  failing because the details were false.

Laptop Revival declined to comment on the investigation.

A technician at Digitech, in Putney, South-West London, also examined the investigator’s holiday pictures  –  after looking over his shoulder. An employee at the shop said: ‘We looked at the pictures to see if the memory was fully functional.’

A PC World repairman in Brentford, West London, told the investigators that the computer ‘needed a new motherboard’, costing £230. When the computer was collected, only the memory chip  –  which was not faulty  –  had been replaced.

PC World spokesman Anina Castle said: ‘We have a £230 charge for looking at any out of warranty faults.’

Haha, nice excuse, DSG, you bunch of hypocrites.

Micro Anvika, in Tottenham Court Road, Central London, fixed the laptop before ringing to say further diagnostic tests were needed. It charged £145 for a full examination of the laptop.

The firm has since apologised and refunded some of the fee.

Technicians at Evnova Computers in Barbican in the City of London also discovered the loose memory chip and fixed it, but not before they, too, said the motherboard needed replacing. When the offer of a new motherboard was declined, it appeared that someone from Evnova soldered the pins of the chip together to recreate the original fault.

The firm later claimed it thought the undercover reporter was from a rival repair company.

Only one shop came out with a clean bill of health: Pix 4 in Shepherd’s Bush, West London. The company popped the chip back into place, and for free. Richard Webb, the Trading Standards Institute’s spokesman on web commerce, said: It’s a big abuse of trust. If you were expert in computers you wouldn’t have to hand in your machine to be repaired. They know that.’

If this is what Kitamura is up against, I’m deeply shocked, and upset. How can evil people like this be able to get away with this? We will never do things like this. We are open, honest and truthful, and won’t make excuses to make money. Ever.
Sky News Investigation – Snooping Technicians

Kitamura extends CompServ maintenance package range to its Mac & Linux customers

May 11th, 2009

Starting in a couple of months, Kitamura will be roadtesting a couple of new tailor made maintenance packages to complement our existing flagship products in the CompServ range.

We will be introducing CompServ Mac, for Apple specific customers, and CompServ Linux, for Linux customers. All the hardware servicing remains the same across both packages, but they will have specific OS based service routines.

More soon.