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New Service – Security System Repair

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Fixing burglar alarms is something I’ve done for many years for friends and family. Being an electronics engineer I feel it beneficial to introduce it into the company, as I have successfully fixed 99% of the ones I have done, I fully appreciate and understand alarm technology. I can do the following:

  • Burglar alarm control board component level diagnostics and repair
  • Zone wiring troubleshooting (including stuck on Tamper/Attack symptoms) for PIR’s, door/window magnets and impact sensors.
  • Bell box component replacement/diagnostics
  • Complete system upgrade, both to new wired panel or a whole wireless system
  • The sale of accessories such as door/window magnets, PIR’s, batteries, transformers and fuses

We fix all makes of alarms, including ADE Optima panels, and all ADT systems.

The service hasn’t been introduced yet, but I can offer a better service than most other independent alarm specialists, due to us being a repair firm that have such a diverse equipment repair portfolio we can offer repairs, even full system upgrades at extremely competitive prices.

All in the usual friendly competitive, compassionate and dedicated way that is Kitamura, you always come first as our customers :)


Complete Kitamura Overhaul!

Friday, March 18th, 2011

We’ve been getting better over the last two years. Our website has been totally redesigned, we now have an online helpdesk, and several new services have been introduced, such as:

Consumer Electronics Repairs

This was trialled back in 2009, and we have had so much demand, we now do it as a service! This involves repairing things like TV’s, hairdryers, DVD recorders, iPods/MP3 players, camcorders of all types plus much more. I have a lot of electronics background, and as most of our customers will know we actually repair to board level unlike cowboys who just replace whole boards as an easy way round the job and quick money. I am proficient at reading service manuals and schematic diagrams, and have thousands of factory service manuals in a company archive which we use.

Home Appliance repairs

We now fix big home appliances such as fridges, freezers, microwaves, washing machines, washer dryers/tumble dryers, food blenders etc. I’ve worked at a few home appliance repair shops in my time and am good at it, as I’ve had a knack with and a love of mechanical devices since I was a kid, so another service to take us past the competition!

We’ve come a long way since being established in 2006. I’ve always been good at all the services we provide, but have introduced them slowly as the company has grown so we don’t get swamped with too much work, and it has given me time to train staff and extend my qualifications via training courses.

Kitamura OptiServ Maintenance Packages

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

Kitamura are now proud to offer a range of packages for our less tech savvy customers. We can take away the hassle and worry of system upgrades, having to worry about updating your antivirus and antispyware packages, and keeping Windows clutter free and running optimally. We offer a 3 monthly service package, for a very competitive price, that will keep your system running factory new, that will keep your computing life simple, worry and trouble free…because we do the worrying!

Our packages do not have a minimal term, they can run for as long or as short as you want!

We have specialised packages for laptop and desktop customers. No other repair company in the UK offers this service!!!

See our OptiServ Packages Page for more details.

NOTE: OptiServ was changed to CompServ due to a trademark issue, so the packages are now known as CompServ, the link above has been fixed and pints to our new site CompServ page!