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Kitamura’s website is live!

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

Hello everyone!

Our website is now officially live! It took us a while, we designed the site, as a template, then needed to update the details on it. There are now links on every page to our forum and helpdesk, so you can access them wherever you are in our site. Simply navigate to the “Kitamura Support Area” in the sidebar on every page. The helpdesk isn’t quite finished yet, it was only uploaded an hour ago, and i haven’t customised it yet. The following things need to be done to it:

1. The categories need updating. Currently, if you need to submit a query, just file it under Sales for now, and i’ll update the categories in the near future.

2. All the branding needs to be done. This helpdesk is an opensource one, kindly licensed to us by Doug Luxem, and he has given us permission to brand it under the Kitamura branding.

To submit a problem to us, you’ll need to register. To do so, go to, and click New User. Please give us as much details about you as possible, and in the Department box, file yourselves under “Customers”. Any fields marked with an * are required.

The site is constantly growing, as the company does, so if at any time an area of the site does not work, don’t panic. We’re probably maintaining or updating it. Our webhost also takes servers offline temporarily for maintenance too, but mainly during the early hours of the morning, to avoid much disruption.

Welcome to Kitamura Computers!

Sunday, February 4th, 2007

Hello everyone, and welcome to Kitamura Computers!

We are a new up and coming computer repair company, in Whitefield, Manchester. This blog has been set up to keep you all informed how our site is getting on, and how we’re doing setting the company up. We currently only cover the Manchester, Bury, and Bolton areas at the moment, due to us being a new company, we need to finish setting up, we don’t have a shop yet, but run freelance.

We’ll keep you posted as to any new developments! The site is nearly finished, we just need to make a few last minute changes to it, in line with the growth and development of the company, as, like us, it’s ever changing, and always evolving!


James (Director)