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Tiscali to acquire Pipex broadband and voice division!

Friday, July 20th, 2007

Tiscali and Pipex Communications Plc (“Pipex”) have entered into an agreement for the acquisition of the broadband and voice division (“the Division”) of Pipex by Tiscali UK Holdings Limited (“Tiscali UK”).

The Division has in the region of one million active customers, 650,000 voice customers and 570,000 broadband customers, following the acquisition, Tiscali UK will have 1.9 million broadband customers.

Mary Turner, CEO of Tiscali UK, said: “The acquisition of Pipex’s broadband and voice division further cements Tiscali’s position as a fully integrated telecom and media operator in the top league of the UK market and underlines our reputation as a major investor and innovator in the full range of broadband services.

Peter Dubens, Executive Chairman of Pipex, said: “The Board of Pipex is pleased to agree to the sale of the voice and broadband division, which we feel recognises the strong market position we have built over the last three years. Tiscali’s commitment to investment in LLU, along with the new TV services it is introducing will offer our existing customers value and choice in the future.”

This is a good step forward, as Kitamura can now offer our Pipex services alongside our new Tiscali Reseller benefits. See below for details.

Kitamura becomes a Tiscali Authorised Reseller

Friday, July 20th, 2007

Kitamura are proud to announce we are now an Authorized Reseller for Tiscali Internet. This means we can now sell Tiscali’s broadband and phone packages to our customers at discounted prices. This can only be a good thing, because we can now support the customer through all stages of package setup, from purchase to installation. Previously, when we set up a customer’s internet package, we could not help with issues such as activation, or payment issues, only the actual modem and software setup and installation. If the package is purchased through our Tiscali IBA page, we can contact Tiscali directly, and get a quicker response for you.

Pleae note, this only applies to our Tiscali services, the setups of other companies services are still only covered for setup. We are working on becoming resellers for Virgin Media (formerly NTL), Telewest, TalkTalk, BlueYonder, and Orange Broadband.

Tiscali are in the process of striking a deal with Pipex for the acquisition of Pipex’s broadband and phone division. See the next article above for details.