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Empire Direct plc goes bang, flaw in company terms stops consumers getting refunds or goods

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Empire Direct plc recently went bust. OK, it’s the credit crunch, it’s happening everywhere. But what annoys me is the fact that their customers won’t be getting the goods they PAID for, or refunds. The reason they won’t get the goods is because their company sales terms state that the “ownership of goods stays with the company until delivery or collection”

What a load of con. The customer becomes the owner of the goods once payment has been made in full.

As for refunds, customers won’t be getting any, because as the administrator KPMG put it, “Customers money was paid into the company’s OVERDRAWN bank account”

These companies make me sick, trapping the consumers so they have no way out, yet the company keeps the goods AND money. People paying by credit card may be able to get money back from the credit card company, but that’s not fair in my opinion, why should the CC company pay for a stupid con company?

Here at Kitamura, our policy states that customers become the owner of goods purchased once payment to us is made in full, and if they don’t, any member of staff not adhering to this policy is breaking our company Oath. And if we KNOW we’re getting into financial trouble, we won’t continue trading.

THAT is how it’s supposed to be done. Our Sales Policy can be found in our Policies section on the new website once it is up, it’s a long read, but we clearly tell you your rights and position. We’re good like that.

New Equipment Check Policy unveiled

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Kitamura Computers has unveiled a new Pre Job Checklist for incoming work. This means we will check equipment upon acceptance of a quote, or during a diagnostic, for damage. This is to bring down the number of customers claiming we have damaged equipment when we bring it to their attention after the job is complete. Too many customers are trying to claim damages from us for damage they inflicted, and we will not tolerate it. Picture evidence will be obtained as well. This applies for on-site quotes, and workshop jobs.

We are an honest genuine company, we look after our customers and their equipment, and do not appreciate these fraudsters.