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Website Fix for Internet Explorer users

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

I’ve implemented a fix for our customers still using Internet Explorer, that gets rid of the purple borders around the services images in the front page. It didn’t occur in Firefox, Opera or Safari, and the fix doesn’t have any adverse effects on those browsers that the bug didn’t occur on.

And just what are the few of you doing STILL using IE? It’s non standards compliant, bloated and horrid! Support your favourite repair company, and go get Firefox, or Opera instead, they’re much friendlier and standard :)

There are still errors on our site when using Internet Explorer, but we’re working on it. Microsoft are to blame for not following standards in web browsing, it really isn’t our fault, go use another browser and see the difference if you don’t believe me :)

New Service – Security System Repair

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Fixing burglar alarms is something I’ve done for many years for friends and family. Being an electronics engineer I feel it beneficial to introduce it into the company, as I have successfully fixed 99% of the ones I have done, I fully appreciate and understand alarm technology. I can do the following:

  • Burglar alarm control board component level diagnostics and repair
  • Zone wiring troubleshooting (including stuck on Tamper/Attack symptoms) for PIR’s, door/window magnets and impact sensors.
  • Bell box component replacement/diagnostics
  • Complete system upgrade, both to new wired panel or a whole wireless system
  • The sale of accessories such as door/window magnets, PIR’s, batteries, transformers and fuses

We fix all makes of alarms, including ADE Optima panels, and all ADT systems.

The service hasn’t been introduced yet, but I can offer a better service than most other independent alarm specialists, due to us being a repair firm that have such a diverse equipment repair portfolio we can offer repairs, even full system upgrades at extremely competitive prices.

All in the usual friendly competitive, compassionate and dedicated way that is Kitamura, you always come first as our customers :)