Equipment Holding and Disposal update

We have had to update our T&C’s due to some customers taking advantage of our Payment Policy. The 12 week equipment holding policy has now been reduced to 5. If a repair is completed, a job cancelled or simply no contact from the customer and no payment for fees/repairs are recieved we will dispose of the equipment after 5 weeks. The Jobsheets have been updated to reflect this, and will affect new customers and existing from today.

Your signature on the signature strip of the Jobsheet signifies your acceptance of this, and excludes/indemnifies us from any legal action due to equipment loss. We’re an understanding and caring company, but are not a computer boarding house or hostel, where you can leave your equipment while you sort out finances. It costs us money having to turn work down due to lack of space!

EQUIPMENT WILL NOT BE RELEASED UNTIL PAYMENT OF REPAIRS OR FEES IS MADE IN FULL. This is also outlined on Jobsheets, the staff booking in jobs always make sure customers read the Disclaimer.


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