Kitamura Computers has a slight name adjustment!

We are the only company in the world to be called Kitamura Computers, so we have a very unique name. We’re a unique firm in that we genuinely love customers and do the best for you, in an honest upfront way. Our service to each customer is unique to you and your needs and equipment!

We’ve decided to drop the UK part in our name, so now we’re just known as Kitamura Computers!

I believe a company’s name and corporate logo reflects their professionalism. When you see repair firms with boring names like Laptop Repair Bolton, and they have 1990’s style WordArt text as their logo (which that firm do!) and a boring basic website, you know they aren’t very professional.

We’ve always been upfront and professional from the day the firm was started. Our logo is professional, our website is fluid, user friendly and deeply detailed, and our staff and volunteers sweet, professional, highly trained and caring, so we’re not a boring company at all, and we’re experienced!

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