Website cleanup

I’ve cleaned the website up a bit to make it easier to see, understand and navigate. Our front page has had all the subtext and excessive “Work Guaranteed” logos removed from the service table. All the service information is now in the service pages themselves rather than bulleted lists on the homepage table. It looks a lot cleaner!

Each service page now has colourful captions and images in the header to make it nice to look at instead of black and white text. We’ve added colourful manufacturer logo clusters to illustrate which manufacturers goods we service. The links in the sidebar are now in place, so that links to different service pages are always available no matter where you are on the site, so you don’t have to keep going back to the homepage table all the time!

The navigation bar under the site header now has fixed links to places like our Downloads area, Support forum, Terms and Conditions pages, and over to the right the day and date is always displayed! We were going to add the time but it doesn’t refresh on its own, we need to find some programming wizardry so users don’t need to keep refreshing the page!

Take a look at the refreshed site, it looks much nicer: Tell us what you think by commenting here!

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