We now have two websites to reduce downtime!

We now have two separate domains to reduce the risk of downtime. kitamuracomputers.com and now kitamuracomputers.net. They are both copies of each other, so that if one is down the other one is always accessible. kitamuracomputers.net is a machine in our office, so we have full control of its hardware and software, plus it makes it easier for us to update our website being sat at the main server rather than having to FTP it up to kitamuracomputers.com, which is a hosted server that we don’t have full control over.

In order for us to redesign the site like we did we needed a dedicated server we could sit at to design it, and this is a perfect solution as all we do is then mirror updated complete copies rather than bits at a time! The forum, downloads area, plus helpdesk and ticketing system are all on our kitamuracomputers.net server, and are linked to it from the .com site. This reduces the risk of having two copies of them and both becoming out of sync.

If ever the .net server is down, we’re probably working on its hardware. Normally when we do software maintenance we switch it to Maintenance mode which displays a holding page for any accessed page explaining that we’re working on its software. We will aim to never keep it fully unavailable for more than an hour, or in extreme cases of hardware failure, more than 24 hours.

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