Kitamura to introduce consumer electronics repair

To further enhance our service to customers, i am proud to announce that we will be introducing a consumer electronics repair sector into Kitamura. This is something i’ve really enjoyed since being a kid, and will involve the following:

  • Camcorder Repairs (VHS, VHS-C, Super VHS, 8mm, Hi8, DV (Digital Video) & DVD Camcorders
  • VCR Repairs (All makes and models, slot and top loaders)
  • DVD Player/Recorder Repairs (All makes)
  • HiFi Repairs
  • DJ Equipment Repair (Disco equipment, amps, smoke machines etc)

With the current trend of all mechanical equipment being phased out, i’ve noticed many repairers are refusing to even look at the equipment. Not me! I love a bit of mechanical tinkering. I can often get parts cheaper than many repairers, due to me having a big stock of parts from many years of tinkering.

The quotation system will be the same as our computer sector, £10 for a 48hr diagnostic, and then a quote over the telephone or in person. If you accept my quote, i drop the diagnostic charge and only charge for the parts and labour.

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