Kitamura Payment Policy Update

Having trialled our new 50% deposit scheme, we will now be rolling it out to all customers.

Upon acceptance of a quote, we now require a 50% deposit. If the remaning balance of an accepted quote is then not paid completely upon the job being completed, one of the following will be carried out, as of the Policy:

1. If 5 weeks passes, in line with our Payment Policy, we will dispose of equipment via 2nd user resale, repairing the equipment ourselves before sale into a saleable condition.

or, we will

2. Invoke a £5 a day storage charge, (including weekends) until payment is made.

Signing of Jobsheets enters customers into legal contracts. If we carry out the work, we expect you to pay us the amount on the quote within 5 weeks before equipment is released. If this does not happen within 5 weeks, equipment is disposed of or a £5 a day storage fee incurred, at our choosing. If we feel storage charges will not be paid, we will choose the disposal option.

Our Payment Help Policy still applies. If you arrange with Management to pay the sum over a period of time which both parties agree, and a Payment Agreement is signed, none of the above will happen, you can continue to pay for the work as normal, but it MUST be on the dates and times agreed. Missed payments may incur the above action failing an explanation or contact from you.

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