Complete Kitamura Overhaul!

We’ve been getting better over the last two years. Our website has been totally redesigned, we now have an online helpdesk, and several new services have been introduced, such as:

Consumer Electronics Repairs

This was trialled back in 2009, and we have had so much demand, we now do it as a service! This involves repairing things like TV’s, hairdryers, DVD recorders, iPods/MP3 players, camcorders of all types plus much more. I have a lot of electronics background, and as most of our customers will know we actually repair to board level unlike cowboys who just replace whole boards as an easy way round the job and quick money. I am proficient at reading service manuals and schematic diagrams, and have thousands of factory service manuals in a company archive which we use.

Home Appliance repairs

We now fix big home appliances such as fridges, freezers, microwaves, washing machines, washer dryers/tumble dryers, food blenders etc. I’ve worked at a few home appliance repair shops in my time and am good at it, as I’ve had a knack with and a love of mechanical devices since I was a kid, so another service to take us past the competition!

We’ve come a long way since being established in 2006. I’ve always been good at all the services we provide, but have introduced them slowly as the company has grown so we don’t get swamped with too much work, and it has given me time to train staff and extend my qualifications via training courses.

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