About Kitamura Computers

Kitamura Computers is a small computer repair company, based in Whitefield, Manchester. We perform repairs of all hardware, from calculators to huge datacenter servers. We were established in 2007, and have sucessfully grown our customer base.

We carry out the following repairs:

  • PC Repairs
  • Laptop Repairs
  • Console Repairs (Xbox 1/360, Sony PS1, PS2, PS3 & PSP, Nintendo GameCube, Wii, and all older machines)
  • Apple Mac (All current and future Apple equipment)
  • Scanner & Printer Repair
  • Consumer Electronics Repair (TV, DVD. HiFi, Camcorder, VCR etc.

We also offer a professional Xbox 360 and PS3/PSP modding service. We can replace/repair the RRoD in the 360, and unlike others, we can really FIX it without using the so-called “Towel Trick” and “X-Clamp fix”. These are only temporary, cause more damage, and are not very professional. We offer a reballing service, and can replace your 360’s CPU and Graphics chips. We even offer a 4 year warranty on repairs! Cost Free!

We can also “mod” your 360, to play LEGAL Backups, for a very competitive price! Don’t tell anyone!